Tuesday’s Random Thoughts….


New(to me) Music:

Wild Child-That’s what she say
Imaginary Cities-Where’d all the living go
The oh Hello’s-Hello my old heart
Thao and the get down stay down

I hate that I haven’t blogged much as of late. I have been beyond busy and had a week you would not believe. It was so bad that it came back around and became comical.

Moral is, you can survive anything, you have in the past and you shall in the future. You are a fucking viking.
If it eases you in any way, you won’t live forever. This life is temporary and passes far quicker than we realize.


My boys start soccer this week! Eeeeeeee!
I fucking love soccer, I wish there was a grown up league(and that I had time lol) in the area. I would kick some soccer ass!


I have not been to the gym in weeks and am feeling everything shift, in a bad way, I have to get it together and get back in there. It is serious business. On another note, I miss baking, I saw this rolling pin and about died right here in my chair, super cute.


Have a great week yall! This bitch is back! *wink


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