Who’s that girl?

It’s Grace!
She is Fast!
She is Fierce!
She is Fucking Fantastic!


A modern day super hero!
A Viking!

Have you ever felt you were dodging crap all day long?
Maybe not literal crap, but bullets.
Except you weren’t dodging bullets either, but pies
…or something equally ridiculous.

Let’s talk about real super heroes.
Because yes, they are very real.
I have a couple heroines that have always been my favorites.



She has always just seemed to be looking out at me, saying

Hey you

Yes, you!
You are it, the viking woman of your time.


The other is the always classy Zatanna.
I often feel like a magician and wish I could always do it while wearing a tux jacket, no pants and heels.



I wish I could live in my fantasy world for the weekend.
Of course if that was possible, we all know I would never come back to reality.
Stay strong ladies, tomorrow is another fucking day.




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