Sushi, Slacks, and Slushies….


Friday night was date night with Lovely Lana.
We were on  the hunt for slacks and sushi.
We hit up the local Goodwill and spent 3 hours drinking and trying on as many dresses we could. I did in fact find the slacks I was looking for. Three pair in fact. They are going to be so fancy for my big girl office job.



We found matching kimonos/muumuus also! Score!


One size fits all yall! hahaha.


We finally found our way to sushi resteraunt, which took forever. How long does it take to roll up some raw fish and throw it on a plate?! Lana was having a meltdown, we laughed and held hands to pass the time and ate the whole plate in under 7 minutes. And she didn’t take those sunglasses off the entire time, fucking douchebag lol





We finished off the night with chips and salsa at the Mexican place.
So excited to wear my new dresses and slacks to work.
I am going to look on point….as usual ; )




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